George Eldon: Performer/ Songwriter

Stompin' George

Chuck Binkowski: Lead Guitar and Vocals

Super Chuck

Charles Binkowski Jr., 'Super Chuck' , has an extensive history in live music performance. Weaned on musicals, choirs and acting and inspired by European travels at a young age Chuck went on to study music at the University of Colorado, started playing out and hasn't stopped since. With over 3000 gigs under his belt playing with such acts as Gyzunglasus, Lissa Hanner, the Bol' Weevils and Cholla Canyon bands and, the infamous Swampadelics, Chuck has now joined forces with Stompin' George Eldon. Simply embellishing an authentic singer-songwriter in Eldon, whose chord structures and arrangements "open so many doors for creative and unique guitar passages", Chuck is free to explore with almost wizardry guitar skills. A powerful musical partnership to say the least.

Chrys Bocast: Ambient & Lead Guitar and Vocals

Dr. Chrys

Chrys first met George in Austin through mutual friends from Colorado, where they bonded at a Southern Culture on the Skids concert. This foundational sensibility is reflected in her sometimes saucy outfits and saltine cracker solos. She’s known Chuck since they were in high school in Colorado, where they traded Pink Floyd licks and discovered a shared outlook on life. Chrys moved to San Francisco to pursue performing opportunities, but when she wasn’t touring the world with various acts, she would pop into Colorado and sit in with Chuck, who had his own band that gigged steadily around the state. These gigs were where she first met and began playing with Kevin, who was Chuck’s regular bassist for years. She has appeared in venues from Guam to Ireland to Guatemala, and did a stint as touring bassist for Polygram recording artists The Mission U.K. Eventually she returned to Colorado where she concentrated on audio production and began putting out her own releases. Her original music is played internationally, and can be heard nationwide on satellite radio and PRI. Her songs are streamed constantly on Pandora and Spotify, and are frequently used on network television. You can find out more about Chrys’ career and albums here; however, her true love has always been live performance. So, in 2017,when she returned to Colorado from Wisconsin after getting her PhD from UW-Madison, she jumped at the chance to play with Stompin’ George, as Mr. Eldon was now performing with her cherished musical colleagues Chuck and Kevin. The chemistry that sparks between these players who have done so many shows with each other is one of her biggest thrills, and that magic is what keeps people coming back to hear the band night after night…

Kevin Waybright: Bass Guitar and Vocals